Craig R. Vasey

804 Marye Street

Fredericksburg VA 22401


Department of Classics, Philosophy, and Religion

University of Mary Washington

Fredericksburg VA 22401

(540) 654-1342





1984                Ph.D. in Philosophy, Brown University

1982                Doctorat en philosophie, Université de Paris‑Nanterre (Paris X)

1981                M.A. in Philosophy, Brown University

1978                Maitrise en philosophie, Université de Paris‑Sorbonne (Paris IV)


1977                Licence ès lettres en philosophie, Université de Paris‑Sorbonne

1975                B.A. in Philosophy, Towson State College, Summa cum laude




1999-        Professor of Philosophy, University of Mary Washington.


1992-1999 Associate Professor of Philosophy, Mary Washington College.


1986-1992 Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Mary Washington College.


1985-1986 Assistant Professor (Visiting), Philosophy Department, Purdue University


1984-1985 Assistant Professor (Visiting), Philosophy Department, University of Maryland Baltimore County


1983-1984 Assistant Professor (Visiting), Philosophy Department, University of Maryland College


1982-1983 Instructor, University of Maryland College Park and Baltimore County; Western         Maryland College (French and Philosophy)




American Philosophical Association

American Association of University Professors

American Association of Philosophy Teachers

Society for Phenomenological and Existential Philosophy

(Member, Committee on the Status of Women, 1988-1991)

Radical Philosophy Association

The North American Sartre Society

Virginia Women’s Studies Association

(Secretary, Member of Executive Board, 1990-1994)

Virginia Humanities Conference

(President, 1996-1997)




Phenomenology and Existentialism

Contemporary French Philosophy

Feminist Philosophy


Race Theory



Teaching Award: MWC Mortar Board Professor of the Semester, Fall 1989

MWC Academic Affairs Council Award for Excellence in Teaching , 2003-04


MWC Faculty Development Research Grant, Summer 2005

MWC Faculty Development Research Grant, Summer 1998

MWC Faculty Development Research Grant, Summer 1994

MWC Faculty Development Research Grant, Summer 1992

MWC Faculty Development Research Grant, Summer 1991

MWC Faculty Development Research Grant, Fall 1990

NEH 1990 Summer Institute: “Heidegger and Davidson, Critics of Cartesianism”. University of

California at Santa Cruz, 1990.

MWC Faculty Development Research Grant, Summer 1989

MWC Faculty Development Research Grant, Summer 1988

MWC Faculty Development Research Grant, Summer 1987







The Last Chance: Roads of Freedom IV, by Jean-Paul Sartre, edited and translated by Craig Vasey.

Translation of Drole d’amitie and La Derniere Chance Continuum Press, Sept 2009.



“Understanding Troubled Sleep: On difficulties of interpreting and reading the Third volume of Roads of Freedom.”



“Faceless Women and Serious Others: Levinas, Misogyny, Feminism”, reprinted in Emmanuel Levinas. Critical Assessments of Leading Philosophers, Vol IV, edited by Claire Katz, (Routledge, 2005)


“Faceless Women and Serious Others: Levinas, Misogyny, Feminism”, in Ethics and Danger: Essays on Heidegger and Continental Thought, ed. by Arleen Dallery and Charles Scott, (SUNY Press, 1991)


“Logic and Patriarchy”, in Post‑Modernism and Continental Philosophy, ed. by Hugh J. Silverman and Donn Welton, (Volume 13, Selected Studies in Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy, SUNY Press, 1987)



 “The Day After Existentialism is a Humanism, and The Last Chance’’ Sartre Studies International: Volume 16, Number 1, Spring 2010

“Le probleme de l’intentionnalite dans la phenomenologie de Emmanuel Levinas”, Revue de Metaphysique et de Morale, Vol. 85, no. 2 (1980) 224‑239

“Le corps et l’autre”, Exercices de la Patience‑Cahier de Philosophie, Vol 1, no. 1 (1980) 33‑42



To the Other, by Adrian Peperzak,” Journal of the American Academy of Religion (Winter 1996)


Existents and Existence, by Emmanuel Levinas,” The Thomist, (Summer 1980)




“Understanding the Second Sex in Sartre’s Troubled Sleep.” World Congress of Philosophy, Athens, Greece. August 2013


“Understanding the Second Sex in Sartre’s Troubled Sleep.” North American Sartre Society, November 2012. Texas A & M University.


“The Irrealizing Function of Consciousness.” Mysterium Humanum Lecture Series, UMW April 2012


“The Virginia Community College System and the AAUP.” Chancellor’s Faculty Advisory Committee, Richmond. April 2012


“The Day After Existentialism is a Humanism” United Kingdom Sartre Society, Sept 19 2009, London


“Sartre’s Freud Scenario,” Session Chair, North American Sartre Society, UMW, April 4-6, 2008


“The Gospel According to Mark Twain,” Washington Area Secular Humanists, Washington DC, January 2008


“Metaphors of the Self, Sartre, and Phenomenology,” United Kingdom Sartre Society, London, Sept 2007.


Roads of Freedom: The Fourth Volume,” North American Sartre Society, Fordham University, New York, October 2006


“Two Approaches to Immortality,” Modern Language Association –Simone deBeauvoir Circle, Washington DC, December 2005


“Two Approaches to Immortality,” North American Sartre Society, University of San Francisco, February 2005


“On Marx’s Concept of Value,” Philosophy, Interpretation, Culture Conference, Binghamton University, NY, April 2004.


“Metaphor, the Hermeneutics of Suspicion, and Politics,” Virginia Humanities Conference, Bridgewater College, VA March 2004.


“Feminism, Existentialism and Postmodernism in the Intro Course,” American Philosophical Association (Eastern Division), New York, December 2000


“Being and Race,” World Congress of Philosophy, Boston MA August 1998


“Teaching Race and Gender in the Intro Course,” American Association of Philosophy Teachers, Mansfield PA August 1998


“Truth, Race and the Meaning of ‘Being’,” Institute for Advanced Philosophic Research, Estes Park CO, August 1997


“Developing a General Education Requirement in Race and Gender Studies,” Presentation at MWC for visiting Galludet University delegation, May 1996


“Race and Gender Intensive Courses: A New Approach in General Education,” Presentation at Virginia Humanities Conference, Virginia Commonwealth University, April 1995


“Nietzschean Nihilism and American Democracy,” Conference: ‘Looking at Nietzsche Looking at Ourselves,’ Goucher College, November 1994


Workshop and Presentation on Race and Gender Curriculum Development, with Carole Corcoran. Equal Educational Opportunity Conference: “Meeting the Challenge of Cultural Diversity in Educational Settings,”             February 2-3, 1990. Louisville KY.


Workshop on Transformation of the Curriculum with regard to Race and Gender, with Carole Corcoran. For the faculty of Western State College of Colorado, February 23, 1990


“Equity or Excellence?,” Panel Presentation at Longwood College on Curriculum Transformation, September 1990


“Faceless Women and Serious Others: Levinas,         Misogyny, Feminism,” Meeting of the Society for Phenomenological and Existential Philosophy, Dusquesne University, October 1989


“Feminism and Post-Modern Values,” Meeting of the Virginia Educational Studies Association, Mary Washington College, September 1988


“Descartes and the Common Sense of Modernity,” Conference: ‘Rene Descartes: Metaphysics and the Classification of the Sciences in 1637,’ San Jose State University, April 1988

“On the Value of Truth in Plato’s Republic,” St. Mary’s College of Maryland, March 1986

“Sartre on Freedom and Hostility,” Kenyon Symposium Series, Kenyon College, November 1985

“Logic and Patriarchy,” Meeting of the Society for Phenomenological and Existential Philosophy, Loyola University of Chicago, October 1985

“The Hostility of Consciousness in Being and Nothingness,” Meeting of the Sartre Society, New School for Social Research, October 1985


“Authenticity and Estrangement: Marx, Heidegger and Foucault,” University of Maryland College Park, March 1985

“Michel Foucault and Political Illusions,” Colloquium on Contemporary French Philosophy, Towson State University, April 1984


“Freedom and Authenticity in Existentialism,” Bowdoin College, January 1984



Philosophical Questioning

Introduction to Logic

Advanced Logic

Seventeenth & Eighteenth Century Philosophy

Nineteenth Century Philosophy

Contemporary Philosophy

Classic and Contemporary Marxism



Introduction to Women’s Studies

Feminist Theory and Philosophy

Introduction to Feminism

Michel Foucault

Friedrich Nietzsche

Heidegger and Derrida

La Philosophie Francaise du Vingtieme Siecle

The Embodied Mind






Chair 1998-

Secretary 1995-96

Career Advisor for Philosophy 1994-

Outcomes Assessment for Philosophy 1991-1994, 1999-2000

Faculty Search Committee chair (Classics) 2000-01

Faculty Search Committee chair (Philosophy) 2000-01

Faculty Search Committee chair (Classics) 1999-00

Faculty Search Committee (Classics) 1995-96

Faculty Search Committee (Philosophy) 1993-94

Faculty Search Committee (Philosophy) 1991-92

Faculty Search Committee (Philosophy) 1989-90

Secretary 1986-87

Philosophy Major Advisor 1987-


College Committees and Appointments

Member, James Farmer Visiting Professorship Committee 2009-

Member, Board of Directors, Women’s and Gender Studies Committee 2009-

Chair, Provost Search Committee, 2009

Member, Steering Committee for the Strategic Plan, 2009

Member, Faculty Affairs Committee (replacement) 2008-09

Member, Ad Hoc Committee on Faculty Handbook, 2008-09

Chair, President’s Study Group on Internationalization and Multiculturalism, Summer 2007

President of the Faculty Senate 2000-2002

Faculty Representative to the Board of Visitors 1999-2002 (elected April 1999)

Faculty Representative to SCHEV 2000-2002

Faculty Affairs Committee 1999-2002

Committee on Promotion, Tenure and Faculty Awards, 1995-1998, 2003-2005

College Planning Committee, 1995-1998

Faculty Contact for Sexual Harassment Policy 1996-2007

Faculty Representative to the Honor Council 1996-97

Task Force on Race and Gender Intensive Courses, Chair 1995-1996

TIP Board, 1994-95

Committee on Academic Resources 1988-91. (Chair, 1989-1990)

Academic Affairs Subcommittee on Degree Requirements 1989-90

Committee on Outcomes Assessment for Abstract Thought 1989

Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on American Studies 1988

AAUP, President 2002-2005



-Conference Coordinator, North American Sartre Society, UMW April 4-6 2008

-Conference Coordinator and President, Virginia Humanities Conference, held at MWC in April 1997

-Co-director, with Hank Lewis, Summer Seminar: Developing Race and Gender Intensive Courses. Summer 1996

-Co-director, with Carole Corcoran, Summer Seminar: Developing Race and Gender Intensive Courses. Summer 1995

-Moderator, Race Relations Forum, April 1995

-Lecture at the Ridderhoff Galleries: “Sartre and Existentialism in the Culture of the 1940’s and 1950’s,” 1994

-Panel Participant, Abortion Forum, October 1994

-Martin Luther King Day lecture in PHIL 102 annually

-Women’s History Month lecture in PHIL 102, PHIL 343 or PHIL 350 annually

-Conference Coordinator, with Carole Corcoran. Virginia Women’s Studies Conference, held at MWC October 1990

-Co-Director, “Race and Gender: Programs in Faculty and Curricular Development” 1988-90 Two year SCHEV-funded program

-Co-Director, “A Curriculum Development Seminar for ‘Introduction to Women’s Studies'” (Summer 1988)

-Member, “All College Seminar” Committee 1987-1989

-Faculty Advisor, MWC Philosophy Club 1988-1991



-Chair, Committee on Teaching, Research, and Publication. American Association of University Professors. July 2013-2016

-Treasurer, North American Sartre Society. Nov 2013-

-Member Steering Committee, Campaign for the Future of Higher Education. Nov 2011-

-Member, AAUP National Council, District IV 2009-2012

-President, Virginia Conference AAUP 2010-12

-Host and Local Coordinator, North American Sartre Society 16th Biennial Conference, April 2008

-AAUP Executive Committee for Virginia Conference 2004-

-State Council for Higher Education, Selection Committee for Outstanding Faculty Awards for 1995

-Member of the Committee on the Status of Women, Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy, 1986-89



-Member, Board of Directors, Sister City Association (Frejus-Fredericksburg)

-Steering Committee, Fredericksburg Council for the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom (2000-2002)

-Founding member, Maury Neighborhoods Association. President 2003-2012

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